TETSOL’s projects cover a wide range of fields starting from Agriculture to Households.  As energy is everyone’s day to day need, we love to journey along with the entire communities, helping them to embrace a complete transformation in all sectors across the society.


Solar energy possesses a huge potential for solar irrigation and can be used to pump water for livestock and crops. We need to design or renovate buildings to trap the heat available in daylight. The trapped heat can also be used to warm homes and livestock yards. Some livestock needs a continuous supply of fresh air.

Auto Mobility

The automobile industry, on life support during the global financial crisis, has recently been catching its breath. Across the pond, American automakers are making small yet notable investments in manufacturing EV – Electric Vehicles. The solar energy harnessed by TETSOL would be shared across our network of e-Vehicle charge points, called PTMs under TETStech division for distribution.


“Unlike gas and coal, solar energy is renewable, clean and sustainable. Solar power does not pollute our air or contribute to global warming. For many businesses, being “green” and making environmentally-friendly decisions is important to their business goals”. TETSOL designs and establishes Enterprise specific PV installations to help make their goal of going green.



“Solar energy is a natural fit for healthcare organizations. installing a commercial solar system for healthcare business is a smart way to slash high electricity bills and get electricity delivered more cost-effectively”. As most of the costly healthcare machines are running 24 x 7 on power with the entire buildings under conditioned air circulation, TETSOL helps to provide the alternate power from Solar helping the Healthcare industries in significantly reducing their monthly bills power and jointly making them partners of global environmental health caretakers.

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions, where we plant the seeds of the future, nature them and grow. TETSOL is partnering with various large Educational Institutions across the states providing them with Clean Energy from our Installed PV systems. It’s an honorable handshake with these Institutions as we become a part of their noble journey of future building under the care of a Green umbrella.

Local Businesses

Local businesses consume a considerable amount of Power as they form Clusters of Commercial centers. TETSOL works on these Clusters of carbon emitters to transform them as contributors of Green energy builders by augmenting their efforts towards sustained energy generators.

What We Offer

TETSOL supplies, installs and owns the PV system on partners / Leasee's properties

Solar Agreements

TETSOL signs agreements with the partners/lease on PV systems

Solar Technology

TETSOL supplies install and own the PV system on partners / Leasee's properties

Solar Support

TETSOL' extends sustained support throughout the contract period to partners / Leasee

Cost Saver / Revenue Generator

TETSOL works in saving the cost and generating the revenues to the partners / Leasee